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Featured Services

Results matter. That's why customers choose Auto Worlds for auto repair in Merriam, KS. Our ASE-certified technicians diagnose and repair car problems, so you hit the road carefree in a dependable vehicle. 

Featured Services: brake repair, exhaust repair, suspension system service, cooling system service, alternator replacement, and starter service.

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Brake Repair

Brake Repair in Merriam, KS

Brakes are integral to car safety and should be checked as part of your maintenance plan. Brake parts—like brake pads and rotors—wear from time and use. You will need to replace them during the life of your vehicle. You can generally tell if you need a new brake pad by looking at it. If you have less than 1/4 inch of the pad remaining, then it's time to look at replacement brake pads. Another part of brake maintenance is a brake fluid change. Recommended intervals for brake fluid changes differ depending on what vehicle you drive. Consult your owners manual or ask a member of our staff to look up your vehicle for more information.

Common Brake Problems

  • Trouble pressing your brake pedal down
  • Screeching noise when braking
  • Brake warning light turning on
  • Longer stopping times

Brake service is one of our specialty services. If you experience problems stopping your vehicle or know it's time for brake maintenance, call (913) 432-7800. We are your source for brake repair in Merriam, KS.

Brake Services in Merriam

Why go far to replace brake rotors or get a brake inspection? Our technicians provide complete brake service in Merriam, Kansas. Our capabilities include:

When you want professional work at an affordable price, check out Auto World.

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Exhaust System Repair

Exhaust Repair in Merriam, KS

The exhaust system is responsible for directing harmful gasses away from you and any passengers in your car. Most factory exhaust systems have a long life expectancy, but they aren't impervious to problems. Common problems include an exhaust system leak or excessive emissions. At Auto Worlds, our technicians provide the best in muffler and exhaust system repair in Merriam, KS. We provide solutions for exhaust rust, decreased fuel efficiency, vibrations, and increased engine noise.

Exhaust Services

Schedule an appointment for any exhaust system service:

Not sure what's wrong with your exhaust system? Some indicators of an automotive problem overlap, making it difficult for anyone not in the industry to diagnose with certainty. Our technicians can diagnose the cause of your car problem and provide the correct auto repair service to fix it. 

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Suspension System Service

Your suspension system provides a smooth ride when all components work properly. When your automotive suspension system isn't at peak performance, you may have trouble steering or experience a bumpy ride. Another sign that you need is a suspension repair in Merriam, KS is when your vehicle drifts toward the side of the lane as you attempt to keep it straight. An automotive suspension repair can be as simple as a wheel alignment or shock replacement. All we know is that a rough ride, nose dives, and unintentional drifting are no fun for anyone.

Suspension System Services

We perform the following services that help with steering and suspension problems:

Suspension System Services in Merriam, KS

The pros at Auto Worlds provide complete suspension service to restore ride comfort and stability to your vehicle. 

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Cooling System

Cooling System Services in Merriam, KS

Your car is an impressive feat of human ingenuity, but overheating is one of the quickest ways we know to destroy a vehicle. Consider how hot your engine, transmission, and other automotive components get while your vehicle is in operation. The automotive cooling system keeps everything at the right temperature through use of the radiator and antifreeze/coolant. If you need a cooling system repair in Merriam, KS, talk with our team.

Cooling System Services

Remember to check your coolant levels often, regardless of whether you've received an overheating warning light or not.

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Alternators & Starters

The alternator and starter are two components essential to your vehicle's electronic system. The alternator charges your battery and powers the electrical system while your engine is running. The starter is an electrical motor attached to your car battery that gets the engine in motion once you turn the key. Without a working alternator or starter, you'd be in the dark with an inoperable vehicle. Fortunately, it doesn't need to come to that. We offer starter service in Merriam, KS and alternator service in Merriam, KS.

Alternators & Starter Services

Alternator & Starter Services in Merriam, KS

Auto Worlds installs new alternators and starters. We also provide associated electrical services. Contact us when you need any of the following auto repair services:

Auto Worlds is your go-to automotive service center serving Oakland Park, KS and other great towns in Johnson County for years.

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